Huh, this is the second time that Mahershalalhashbaz Ali has played a misunderstood black man running away with a white woman — and had it been a major plot point. Related: I miss The 4400. Seriously, USA, you had something special with that show. Also, his 4400 costar is the dead/not dead wife on Awake!… » 3/13/12 1:44pm 3/13/12 1:44pm

I don't know about anyone else, literally ANYONE else, but even at 11 my first kiss was NOT that... bird feedingy. Haven't they ever seen any movie? Ever? You can learn just by watching. Do they only watch Nat Geo? Have they only seen mother birds feeding their babies? I don't understand, I just don't. » 11/28/11 5:50pm 11/28/11 5:50pm

Seeing someone like Jimmy Kimmel not being able to fight back tears is makes it impossible not to cry. You can tell that Uncle Frank meant so much to him, and the show meant so much to Uncle Frank. Ugh, I'm tearing up at the thought. I watched this once today, can't do it again. » 9/07/11 3:36pm 9/07/11 3:36pm

Exactly. Not only that, but if you've followed her journey (as I have) she speaks a lot about learning to reverse a lifetime of bad eating habits, which is unfortunately what gets people to the point where they feel the need to lose weight. » 8/18/11 3:48pm 8/18/11 3:48pm

Erica isn't THAT BAD. God this is awful. It's worse than pledging. At least pledging was all-female humiliation. But being berated by men in front of other women? Awesome. Really, really great, ABC. Great. » 8/16/11 11:30am 8/16/11 11:30am